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Customer Testimonials

"We have been looking for a solution like this for several years. The need became increasingly critical as we began adding more digital diagnostic instrumentation and spending more money on printing out results. The system allows us to access our imaging from any location where we have a computer and the quality of the images on screen is superior for clinical application to the paper printed versions.

Our entire staff, including physicians, photographers, and IT, have been exceptionally impressed with the personnel and technology of Anka. Their technical expertise and support are outstanding."
Richard Rosen MD, New York Eye & Ear

"Thereís no doubt that Anka has the best networking solution in the market. Since we started using the system, it has made our practice more productive and allows me to provide better patient care."
Alex Walsh, MD, USC Doheny Eye, Los Angeles, CA

"This is a fantastic product and great team to work with. It was also the single best installation our clinic has ever experienced. It was so smooth. The system has been working flawlessly since from each of our seven locations."
David M Brown MD FACS, Vitreoretinal Consultants, Houston TX

"The ANKA Eyeroute system has become the cornerstone of our Clinic imaging infrastructure. We are developing a method to use secure messaging software to electronically deliver diagnostic images (angiograms, ultrasounds, visual fields) from the ANKA server directly to a referring Ophthalmologist's office computer where the images can either be filed in the patient electronic record or viewed on a desktop. Each time we come up with an idea to expand our imaging capabilities in the clinic ANKA has become an enthusiastic partner. They have willingly shared their expertise with us and are always interested in helping us succeed."
Jeannie Reimer, Manager, Rockyview Hospital Eye Clinic, Calgary, Canada

"The company is very responsive when it comes to technical support issues or new features I like to see in the product. Itís the only company I worked with that delivers what I ask for, and fast. Every ophthalmology clinic should consider working with Anka Systems for managing their imaging records."
Robert L. Avery, MD, California Retina Consultants and Reseach Foundation

"Just wanted to say that our site really appreciates the immediate help we receive from the ER (Eyeroute) support staff! It's helpful to know that help is really just a telephone call away."
Jacqueline F. Shen, Research Coordinator, Retina Consultants of Hawaii


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