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The ANKA Advantage

EyeRoute™ will intelligently store and route images while providing the highest possible fault-tolerance capability.

EyeRoute™ is an open platform that can in the future accommodate other value-added features. And all of this will be managed through simple web-based administration software.

ANKA Products and Services

EyeRoute integrates the best technologies available today, including; capture station interfaces, image analysis, storage, viewing, monitoring, and networking. EyeRoute products have been specifically designed as modules and therefore, can grow to a comprehensive, integrated system that can meet the current and future needs of any ophthalmology office for both clinics and research institutes.

Key Customer Benefits

Given the comprehensive products and services Anka offers, customers would be able to make a rapid transition to the digital imaging system at a minimum cost. Our product architecture also allows our customers to expand their system with value added features as their needs grow.

  • Access from anywhere - From any computer, whether it is located internally, at a satellite office, at home, or on the road, doctors can view and make measurements on any type of image

  • Single User Interface - All types of images can now be accessed from a single consistent web-based user interface

  • Image Analysis - This user interface is designed to rapidly bring up past and present studies for comparison allowing reviews to be done very quickly. The PDT and thickness measurements can also be done very simply and quickly

  • Saves money – There is no longer any need to print out images on expensive printers or deploy expensive proprietary review stations everywhere. Doctors can use low-cost general purpose PCs

  • Reliability - EyeRoute is a redundant, fault-tolerance system, which is designed to operate even with hardware failures. It also automatically transfers the images and patient data to a central database

  • Support – Because the software is centrally located at a server, we can update and diagnose most of the problems remotely. In most cases, no dedicated IT person is required at the customer site

  • Security – The software is fully HIPAA compliant and meets the highest network security requirements with high-end firewall protection

  • EMR Interface – Our software is a first step toward electronic medical records and is designed to connect easily to any EMR vendor

  • Preserve Investment – The EyeRoute product line is designed to complement and ensure compatibility with any existing solution available through most instrument vendors

Anka provides the best products and services in the Ophthalmology industry. Contact us and get started on your way into the digital world.

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